Duck Race Online Sales – Update

We are aware that some people who purchased ducks online via PayPal didn’t receive their entry number in return. This system has run seamlessly for a number of years and upon investigation the problem is specific to those with Hotmail/Live email accounts.

In the past few months Microsoft have adjusted their SPAM filters meaning more email is being marked as Junk and therefore either going straight into that folder or not arriving at all (I know this as a Hotmail customer myself!)

Clearly, Hotmail didn’t like the IP address or account from which we were sending duck race numbers out, hence some people never received them. Rest assured we had a full list of numbers attributed to online sales on the day and were ready to contact people should they have won.

The Lymm Duck Race is a charity event run solely by volunteers and our main aim (in addition to raising lots of money) is that everyone has a good experience; hence we are disappointed to hear of this issue. We are currently looking at more efficient ways to disseminate duck race numbers relating to online sales in time for next year.

Best wishes

Chris Gorman, Chairman