We wouldn’t go so far as saying joining the Lymm and District Round Table is a life-changing experience, however, as our current members will testify, signing up is right up there with getting married and watching the birth of our children (ish).


“When I first joined the Round Table I was worried it would be full of stuffy old men. As it turns out, there’s a good mix of guys from a range of backgrounds and with different skills to offer; however we all share a common goal which is to raise loads of money for charity (whilst having a laugh in the process…).”

Chris Gorman, Proofreader and Copywriter


“I joined the Round Table as the young man’s version of the 41 club, following a referral from a client of mine. I thought that it would be a bunch of holier-than-thou fundraisers with lots of boring meetings, however the first night out was in the pub and it’s been downhill from there. I now look forward to the Round Table events, and feel that I’ve now got a firm network of friends in the Lymm area. All good.”

John Edwards, Managing Director


“Since joining Round Table in 2011, I’ve met loads of new people from different backgrounds, made some good friends and taken part in many great events including rock climbing, clay pigeon shooting, local beer festivals and many more…  However, taking part in community projects as well as helping to organise local charity fundraising events has been the most rewarding part of membership.”

Ian Newhouse, Engagement Manager


“Well it beats watching TV. And the regular beers, activities and new experiences are pretty cool too. Fairly sure I’d not have tried sailing, karting, rock climbing, comedy clubs, kayaking, mountain biking, clay pigeon shooting, 5-a-side, poker or snowboarding if I hadn’t joined.

Nor would I have helped earn over £40,000 for charities and local community causes. Definitely beats watching TV.”

Rik Wilson, Graphic Designer


“I joined Lymm Round Table four years ago. Like most of us, I was a relative newcomer to Lymm and knew absolutely no-one else in the village. I’d picked up a flyer a few months earlier and thought it would be a good thing to do but had put it off for the usual reasons – shyness, funny handshakes, couldn’t be arsed.
Over the past four years I’ve done loads of things that I’d never have done otherwise – Sailing, Sumo Wrestling, Climbing, Go-Karting, Clay Shooting, etc, etc. I’ve drank about 400 pints of beer (conservative estimate!). I’ve helped raise over £40,000 for charity. And I have infinitely many more friends in Lymm (at least one!).
For me, Round Table has certainly lived up to its cheesy motto of Fun, Friendship and Fundraising.

P.S. We don’t have any funny handshakes!”

Chris Stephens, Software Engineer


“I moved to Lymm just over a year ago, and while I knew the village, I didn’t know anyone who lived here. I picked up a leaflet about Round Table in the Bull’s Head, and got in touch. A week later I was helping out at the Bonfire night, where we raised thousands for local charities, and a year later, as well as helping with a number of fundraising events, I’ve got to know a great bunch of guys. Once you leave University the opportunity to meet people socially gets harder (especially as I work in a ‘field’ based Job), and Round Table has been a great way to get to know a real mix of people. I enjoy the social side, as well as the fundraising, and in years to come I know I’ll have some good friends, that I got to know through Round Table.”

Graham Gowland, Retail Safety Manager