Rogues Gallery

Here you can see us in our full technicolor glory. If you recognise any of us, we beg you not to call Crimestoppers.

(Round Table positions are in brackets)

Chris G, Marketing Manager
(Chairman 2014/15)

Graham G, Health & Safety
(Chairman 2015/16)

Rich S, Research Pharmacist
(President 2014/15)

Steve L, IT Sales
(Chairman 2013/14)

Rik W, Graphic Designer
(2012/13 Chair)

Chris S, Software Engineer
(2011/2010 Chair)

Knotty, Nurse Trainer

Dave H, Nuclear Engineer
(Chairman 2017/18)

Ian N, Software Manager
(Chairman 2016/17)

John E, Student

Nick E, Recruitment

Jon B

Nick B

James W,
Comms Engineer

Rob S, Network Engineer

Gary P, Elf and Safety

Euan M
(Chairman 2018/19)

Carlos R

Al P
(PR, Social Calendar)

Dave J - Computer Scientist
Area Liason and Tech Guru
Ed GMatt O
(Beerfest #1)
Andy G
Pete LMark DAdam
James C