Here you can see us in our full technicolor glory. If you recognise any of us, we beg you not to call Crimestoppers.

(Round Table positions are in brackets)

Chris G, Marketing Manager
(Chairman 2014/15, Public Relations)

Graham G, Health & Safety

Rich S, Research Pharmacist
(President 2014/15)

Steve L, IT Sales
(Chairman 2013/14, Events Planning)

Rik W, Graphic Designer
(2012/13 Chair)

Chris S, Software Engineer
(2011/2010 Chair)

Knotty, Nurse Trainer
(Membership, Social Media)

Dave H, Nuclear Engineer

Ian N, Software Manager
(Events Planning)

John E, Entrepreneur
(Weekend Away)

Nick E, Recruitment
(Duck Race #1)

Jon B
(Duck Race #2)

Nick B
(Duck Race #3)

James W, Comms Engineer
(Beer Fest #1)

Duncan Selkirk, Independent Financial Adviser
(Beer Fest #2)

Rob S, Network Engineer
(Website Management, Bonfire #1)

Gary P
(Bonfire #2)

Euan M
(Christmas Party)

Tim O, TV Director

Rich J

Dave J

David B
Matt S
Carlos R

Andy Lowe